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Screenshot from the BBC's timelapse of the eclipse.

The Faroese Solar Eclipse of 2015

Today a total solar eclipse occurred in the skies over the Faroe Islands and Svalbard.

Approximately 8,000 visitors came to the Faroes for the eclipse, the largest number ever on islands on the same day. It was also the largest number of foreigners in the Faroes since the British occupation during WWII. Every flight seat and hotel bed was booked, some up to ten years in advance. Concerts, parties, and other special events were organized to make the most of the special eclipse energy.

No fewer than forty airplanes, big and small, used the airport at Vágar today. A 45-meter MD83 from Denmark became the largest airplane that has ever landed in the islands.

The big day dawned cloudy and wet over most of the Faroes, dampening the experience for some eclipse-seekers. Others were thrilled just to experience a sudden, deep darkness in mid-morning. And for the lucky few who were able to witness the full eclipse, this corona was said to be extraordinarily beautiful.

Timelapse of the eclipse over Tórshavn:

The Total Eclipse, as seen by a plane over the islands:

On seeing and filming the eclipse, Faroe Islander Zacharias Hammer wrote, “The 20 seconds I was able to see the full solar eclipse through the darkening clouds this morning, are written as if with runes in my memory.”

(Tey 20 sek. mær eydnaðist at síggja fulla sólarmyrking millum myrkrekandi skýggini í morgun, eru sum skrivað við rúnum inn í mítt minni.)

News media from all over the world wrote about the solar eclipse, and therefore about the Faroe Islands. CNN even sent Tamara Hinson to write an article called “Out of the shadows: Solar eclipse shines a light on Faroe Islands.”

Personally, I’m torn between being pleased that the rest of the world is taking notice of this amazing place and being frustrated that it took a total eclipse of the sun to get it on their radar.

But what a day for the islands!